About Us


SPG's purpose is to add a positive impact to people’s lives by creating homes the way people want to live. Our devotion is to the creation of living environments that are founded upon engagement with people and place. Having been founded and established in 2011 by company director and CEO Wayne Sun, the company has focussed on the development of homes, suited to our customer, in premium locations that are well connected to employment. 

SPG’s development approach is to produce living and working spaces that befit the contemporary mindset of an ever evolving society. As such, purchasers and investors can be assured of living and working spaces that have excellent urban amenity, are of high quality in terms of design and build, carry a premium finish, and are representative of the demands of present and future urban living.

SPG maintains close relationships with several organisations and institutions throughout Australia. These relationships are founded on a shared focus of adding a positive impact to people's lives through the production of quality property development projects which engender a lasting social legacy. To realise this focus, there is a need to be socially responsible in the way development is executed. Emphasis to this point is crucial to the vision and the evolution of SPG’s property portfolio. By approaching development with an attitude which places social responsibility as top of mind, it can then be said that SPG can offer a point of difference which can positively influence the makeup of communities. 

Whether people choose to reside or invest in the places and spaces we create, SPG, and its collective team, is committed to the delivery of superior outcomes and superior experiences.