EORA--- Completion is Close

Now well within the final third of its construction program, EORA has begun to realise its potential. Currently, some 80 trades people are on site daily crafting spaces which are light filled and generous in their proportions.

top level 2

Sun Property General Manager Cameron Johnson said: “So that we could tailor products to a wider cross section of the market, the original brief to our architect Team 2 was to deliver spaces which offered greater flexibility. Now that kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, facades, roofing, glazing and the complex array of building service infrastructure are all coming together, we can certainly see that Eora is delivering in this area. The spaces are both open plan in their function and generous in their size. Combined with ample storage, future residents of EORA really do have options in terms of how they can choose to utilise their space.”

Along with the facade, one of EORA’s feature components is the roof. Made entirely of local steel, the roof concaves centrally, extending outwards and upwards to accentuate light to the upper floors.

top level 1

Cameron Johnson said: “the roof has been a complex assignment and has involved a number of parties to assure its success. Recently, we have seen the roof’s fabricated steel bones rapidly come together like a meccano set. The look and finish of this part of the structure really will be a point of difference to all other residential developments past and present in the area. It is a part of the building that all parties have been excited to see take shape.”

EORA Boundary Dr Carlingford Looking 1

EORA is a building that has been successful in engaging and applying local employment and products. Cameron Johnson said: “The builder is passionate about its use of local skilled trades and suppliers. In today’s current economic climate, we believe this is a great statement about supporting local jobs and productivity. We have been pleased to see that EORA has acted as a platform for local industry in this regard.”

end of Oct. 1

In the lead up to Christmas the scaffold of the building will removed, gradually showcasing the façade and future character of EORA. We encourage you to keep up to date on our social media and online platforms for these reveals.

EORA still has a small number of apartments available. As the spaces continue to reveal themselves remaining stock will be in high demand. For further information, please visit the below link.


Completion of EORA is anticipated during the Summer months of 2018. 

(Green views from EORA.)